About Us

About Us


TISC is all about education. TISC is all about the hottest technology and products. However, first and foremost, TISC is all about SECURITY!

Many thanks for all of people individuals who were requesting our next seminar. TISC is going for a brief hiatus until business conditions improve and also we could deliver the type of top notch event that you deserve and expect. Thankyou for the continuing interest – we expect to see each of you again next year!

In sight is a bi weekly newsletter for security professionals. In sight supplies insightful commentaries and educational columns, written by prestigious members of the community and staff. Subscribing to in sight may also keep you advised regarding forthcoming seminar dates and on-site training chances. Go the link to register or view past problems.

That you need not wait for an whole year for still another possibility to study on our security pros!

Check-out TISC on site, an exercise curriculum designed to attract our professional teachers for your requirementspersonally, delivering the exact same supreme quality workshops presented in TISC seminars.
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