Merge Dragons – 4 Effective Tips Players Need to Know!

If you find it a little bit difficult to play Merge Dragons, then you simply have to make use of effective tips and tricks. It is because when you play the game using tips or tricks, then you handle everything easier than before. Some main tips are like players have to connect the game with Facebook, they have to merge 5 objects instead of 3, and they should make use of hacks or cheats, etc.

All these tips or tricks are described a little later in the post, but before the same, one should know all significant things about Merge Dragons. In the game, there are mainly two forms of currency named coins and gems. Both play a good role in the game and are used for several tasks or activities.

4 tips for Merge Dragons players

Below are described all the necessary tips for the users of Merge Dragons. They have to understand them and then apply into gameplay when playing Merge Dragons –

1.       Join Facebook – To earn currency and all rewards in the game, players have to connect the game with their Facebook account.

2.       Use hacks or cheats – When they are lack of in-game currency in v, then the best method for them is to make the use of Merge Dragons cheats or hacks.

3.       Merge 5 objects rather than 3 – it is the best way to solve all the puzzles quickly. So, players have to pay attention to merging 5 objects.

4.       Complete puzzles in fewer moves – players have to know that in order to earn more currency, they have to solve puzzles in lesser moves.

So, all these are the best 4 tips that Merge Dragons players need to use to make quick and easy progress.